Friday, October 15, 2010

H is for Honest Abraham Lincoln


I have been wanting to do a portrait of Abraham Lincoln for awhile now. I decided a monochromatic study was a great way to start getting to know how him. My friend Jesse Little whose ancestors were neighbors with the Lincolns had this to say . . .

"Abe Lincoln grew up on a farm next to my relatives back east. Our family didn't care much for him because, as recorded in their diaries, he 'read them books too much and didn't work.' They also record that when he was a young boy he was grinding grain in our family's grinding mill and the mule/horse didn't want to go anymore and kicked him in the head. They said Abe was "like he was dead" for 5 days. I've looked for it in the history books but never found mention of it. I have seen copies of the diaries, though. Also, maybe our family didn't like him because my relatives owned slaves at one time."

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