Tuesday, August 23, 2011

New Studio - New Painting

I recently converted one of the bedrooms in our house into a studio. First I covered the carpet with a layer of 1/4 " Masonite (in order to protect it), then disassembled my studio easel and screwed the mast to the wall. Having a new studio with a massive easel I felt a bit silly working on a 5" x 7" portrait; So I figured it was time to attempt a large painting. Up till now my largest was 12" x 16" but my new painting is 24" x 30" nearly twice that size. The subject is four African boys in their village in a picture taken by my friend Zane. This should be a challenge on multiple fronts so I will keep you all posted as the painting progresses.


Mama in Uganda said...

This is wonderful. I look forward to seeing how the Lord leads the skill of your hand.

Summer {and family}

Austin Maloney said...

Thanks Summer, I hope these paintings will be a way to bring more awareness and support your way.