Sunday, May 1, 2011

Tree Roots - My New Plein Aire Setup

My New Setup

Last night I was becoming frustrated with my homemade pochade box. I'm making a serious go at plein air painting but due to the pochade lid and support arms I cannot do much with my palette knife and am often limited in my brush techniques as well. I wanted to buy a different more useful setup but lacked the cash to buy anything. At around midnight last while Jessica was getting ready for bed and I was perusing some sites which sell various pochade and plein aire supplies, I had a bolt of inspiration. I realized I could build something myself! Soon I was disassembling a tripod quick release plate and a table top easel which was sitting around gathering dust. Next I went to work building a prototype out of cardboard and scraps of wood. The duck tape, gorilla glue were flying as I went to work with my drill, razor knife, chop saw. when I got the design right I called it a night. Today I used my cardboard prototype as the model for a wooden palette and shelf. I just finished testing it and it works awesome.

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